Taroom Show

Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd May 2022

2022 COVID information

Tested positive to COVID-19? – DON’T COME

If you learn that you have COVID-19 using a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) or PCR test, please don’t come to the 2022 Taroom Show and immediately isolate yourself at your home, or other accommodation, for 7 full days from the date you had your test.

For more information refer to Queensland Health – I have COVID-19 (link)


Contactless is the preferred method.

  • NIL CONTACT ENTRY – Become a member of the Taroom Show Society Inc and show your membership badge on arrival to gain entry to the Showground and the show in a contactless manner. Membership is available through ShowDay Online(link) just create an account, log in and CLICK no classes required to take you straight to the membership page. Alternatively enter your classes and then add membership on when you continue.
  • MINIMAL CONTACT ENTRY (vehicles) – Remain in your vehicle as you pay gate entry fees on arrival. 
  • MINIMAL CONTACT ENTRY (pedestrians) – Maintain physical distancing as you pay gate entry fees on arrival.


We are providing bottles of 80% alcohol based hand sanitisers at all showgrounds entry points and at regular points throughout the Showgrounds. Please sanitise your hands regularly during your visit to the Taroom Show.


We are providing signage around the Showgrounds and making announcements to remind you to maintain physical distancing of 1.5m away from people not in your usual household group. This will apply to all parts of the 2022 Taroom Show including pedestrian walkways, side show alley, section exhibits, inside pavilions and seating. You are responsible for maintaining your distance from other people. 


We are providing signage in all the amenity blocks on Taroom Showgrounds reminding you to wash your hands regularly using soap and water and lathering your hand for approx. 20 seconds before rinsing. Dry using single use paper towel. 


We are providing signage on all buildings that create an enclosed space, indicating the maximum capacity limit for that space.  Please comply with these maximum capacity limits so that everyone inside has the opportunity to maintain their physical distancing. 


We are providing signage indicating where you are to enter and where you are to exit. These directions can apply indoors or outdoors, and can apply to buildings or open spaces. Please follow these directions to minimise co-mingling and cross over of queues. 


We are providing foot markers where we are expecting queue to occur. These foot markers will indicate your position 1.5m away from the next person in the line. Please comply with all foot markers to maintain physical distancing standards.


We are providing seating markers where we are expecting patrons to be seated. These seating markers will indicate your position 1.5m away from the next person. You may disregard the seating markers if your group is all from the same household. Otherwise, please comply with all seating markers to maintain physical distancing standards.


If you do exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 after visiting the Taroom Show, get tested immediately and refer to Queensland Health for more information.


We hope to see you at our 2022 Taroom Show.

The Taroom Show is a joint initiative of the Taroom Show Society and the Queensland Government.

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