Natalya Schumacher has been announced as the 2015 Taroom Miss Showgirl, while Emma Becker was awarded the runner-up title. In the Showgirl princess section, Ebony Robinson was runner-up to Tanika Lovett.
The Showgirl presentations were made at the second annual ladies luncheon on Saturday the 18th April, which this year featured a hands on approach to some old show traditions. Cynthia Driscoll and Janet Phelps presented a practical guide to flower arranging, which was a hit amongst the 70 ladies that attended.
Showgirl coordinator Christie McLennan said the continued success of the Miss Showgirl luncheon is due to the ongoing support of the local community towards the Taroom Show.
Judging of the junior Showgirls will take place at midday on Tuesday in the Santos GLNG Town and Country Pavilion

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