The Taroom Show Society held its annual general meeting on October 16, where all executives were voted back into their various positions. Shane Williams will take the reins as president for the third year running, while Jess Oliver returns to the secretary position. Kim Hay remains as treasurer, Don Lethbridge as vice president and Ben Adams as second vice president.

Shane Williams introduced a new concept this year by awarding a president’s award to someone who excelled before, during and after the show. Mr Williams said it was hard to single out just one volunteer, so he called it a tie and thanked the recipients Christie McLennan and Don Lethbridge for their ongoing support and contribution.

The Taroom Show Society has started planning for next year’s show. If anyone is interest in joining the show society or has some ideas to help improve the annual show, please contact show secretary Jess Oliver by emailing *protected email* .au.

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